Our potential

How I love the smell of nature's gifts. Mmmm

This morning when I was finishing my healing exercises with a meditation, the sunrayes spoiled me with their warmth and light.

Today it is Earth Day, especially in these corona days we may become aware of the need of Mother Earth and how to treat her.

She is our healer, our food, our oxygen, our source of life. We do not stand above her. Everything needs to be in harmony.

The planet needs our help, she is speaking, are we listening?

This is an invitation to reconnect with nature and with ourselves.

'We are all the same basically, whether we are plants, animals or humans. We are all creations of Mother Earth.

It is up to the people all over the world, the common people of the world, to bring a change!

There is a love that goes by being human. We have the ability to help others, without knowing who they are. That is our potential.' Nowaten.

Caring is our potential, and that's exactly what is coming to the surface right now. So let us (re)connect and be authentic, aware, brave, hopeful and grateful.

And nature is grateful to be able to recover during this lockdown.

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With love